DataBanq is constantly looking for new team members interested in working on various DataBanq Media projects. Below is a list of company groups where positions are currently available. Please apply to the category most appropriate for your passions & skill sets. If you do not fit into any one specific group, please submit through the general submission option at the bottom of the page. Please read the requirements for each group and submit the appropriate resume & work samples.

Leverage a passion for the pen and the Internet and be member of one of the most dynamic publishing networks on the web. Part time to full time – dedicated only. This is a driven group and we appreciate serious inquiries only. Strong writing skills, willing to research, write, publish and promote work. Must be extremely self disciplined and able to work remotely. More information...

We need talented programmers who want to help build this thing. Must be excited about the opportunity for a great programming gig in Florida (what’s not to love?!). Traditionally an ASP/SQL shop but quickly requiring more diversified skill sets. Feel free to introduce yourself and submit a resume.
Really well organized, process-oriented creatives looking for an organization that will let you research, develop & launch little projects related to our HedgeHog concept. Great people people with solid writing and team building skills. Inventors are the structural support for the organization and thrive on doing whatever it takes to get the job done. If this sounds like you, please send us your resume.

Academics, thought leaders, teachers, influencers and committed advocates who would like to provide input and guidance as a member of DataBanq Media’s Thought Leadership Board. Mentors should be well established experts in their fields and be willing to provide insight into how technology and communication can be better leveraged for positive impact in their knowledge sphere. Prospective Mentors can express their interest by telling us more about yourselves.